Posted on November 15, 2021

Why Ireland is A Great Place To Pursue Your Studies?

Studying abroad is a dream for almost every student in India. For college students, this is one of the most valuable opportunities. While pursuing education in the foreign countries, students can experience the allure of different cultures. Especially, studying in Ireland can have both scholarly and career advantages that provide an entirely different experience or fully immerse yourself in something you already know.

Ireland is the best place to plan your education abroad due to its strongest education system and there are many other reasons. Majority of the educational institutions and universities of Ireland are internationally liked by many students across the world. It is a fascinating location which blends entertainment, nature, adventure and music. Ireland is one of Europe's wealthiest countries and the standard of the educational system in Ireland has been a significant contributor to the steady economic development over the years.

Why should you study in Ireland?

Ireland is the most promising country in the world. Hence it has been gaining constant attention from the students who are aspiring to pursue their education in abroad countries. The Republic of Ireland which is located on the extreme western side of Europe is the most famous tourist-driven country. The mesmerizing locations, top-ranked educational institutions, friendly people and variety of food options across the Ireland country drive a significant number of people every year.

The Ireland Education System

Pursuing education from the Irish reputed universities enables a wide range of opportunities for the graduates to flourish in their professional careers and achieve coveted goals successfully.

The majority of the universities in Ireland are well known and popular for their excellence and focus on research and global collaboration in various disciplines. The most advanced facilities offered by the Irish universities help the students strengthen and develop their skills while pursuing courses in streams like postgraduate and Phd. Most of the Irish organization got recognized world wide for pursuing valuable higher degree programs.

Top reasons to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

  • A high standard of education attracts the aspirants to pursue higher degree programs in the renowned universities in Ireland.
  • International students can get a clear idea on the diversified culture in Ireland.
  • Ireland is one of the safest countries for residing.
  • Ireland has a high quality of life
  • The Irish universities offer immense focus on research programs.
  • The Ireland government takes every measure to provide high standard education to international students.
  • After completion of their higher education from the globally renowned Irish universities, students can start their career on a high note
  • Master’s degree course fee
  • Top-quality accommodation and communication facilities.
  • While pursuing their education in the recognized universities in Ireland, students can explore several picturesque spots.

The Cost of Studying in Ireland

All the well recognized Irish universities provide top-quality education and help international students develop their skills effectively. Usually, you can expect an average fee of €9,000 per year per year. While some other courses cost up to €30,000 per year. However, medical and business courses are likely to be more expensive when compared to normal courses.

Top Colleges and Universities in Ireland

Ireland has the majority of the world-famous educational institutions. Every Irish university provides a variety of graduation and post-graduation programs to international students.

  • College Dublin
  • University of Ireland
  • College Cork

Popular Courses to Study in Ireland

  • Business analytics in Ireland
  • Data science in Ireland
  • Data analytics in Ireland
  • Big Data in Ireland
  • Computer Science in Ireland
  • Cloud Computing in Ireland
  • Digital Marketing in Ireland
  • Cyber Security in Ireland
  • Software Engineering in Ireland
  • Artificial Intelligence in Ireland

Scholarships at Ireland Institutions

Both the government and private universities of Ireland offer scholarships to the international students coming from all over the world to pursue their higher education. These scholarships allow the international students to afford their valuable scholarships to help them to pursue their higher degree courses without any financial hassle in an effective way.

The aspiring international students need to have a valid student visa to travel to Ireland for pursuing their coveted Master’s Degree programs and Post-Graduation courses in the top-ranked universities in Ireland.

Student Admission & Visa Requirements for Ireland

  • Candidates must have at least 60% in their Higher Secondary and 50% in their Diploma course to apply to a higher degree program in the universities in Ireland.
  • High internet-based IELTS and TOEFL pass marks.
  • Aspiring international students require two letters of recommendation from the professors of the school or college to pursue a higher degree program.
  • Statements of Purpose
  • Photocopies of CV and portfolio
  • Certificates of extra-curricular activities
  • Candidates must acquire pass percentage in GMAT or GRE.

Post-study Work Opportunities in Ireland

The Ireland government usually gives work permits to international graduates to gain international work experience while pursuing graduation courses in Ireland.