Shortlisting of Universities

Ranking of Institution

Although the ranking mechanism varies and differs as per the ranking institution, it does provide an insight into the quality of the Institution. We always keep it in our foresight while handpicking the Universities for you.

Accreditation of the Institution

This is amongst the most important factors in the selection of the universities. It reflects the quality of the institution and implies the recognition of their degree. We at Leo Global make sure that we apply to only recognized and well accredited institutions.

Academic Percentage [Last Qualification]

A very important factor in the selection of a university, as it reflects the performance of the student in his area of study. Most of the universities focus on this as it is the foundation based on which they would base their further studies.

Scores in Entrance Exams [GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE]

There are 2 types of Entrance exams 1) English Proficiency [TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE] 2) Other Prerequisite Exams like GRE/ GMAT/ SAT. Most of the Universities have strict conditions for English requirements and would offer English classes in cases of less scores. However, GRE/GMAT/SAT requirements are taken in conjunction with Academic scores.


Before selection of the schools we normally speak to the student's parents to get an estimate about the tuition fee budget that they can accommodate. While shortlisting institutes, we ensure that we adhere to the given budget.


We ask the students if they have a specific location choice in the chosen country and try to select universities in the vicinity of the given location.

Opportunities for Scholarships/Assistantships

Many universities offer Scholarships/ Assistantships/Tuition Waivers for the students. We always inform the same to the students and inform them about the procedures to avail them.

Campus Safety

Safety is of paramount importance and a major cause of worry for students and parents alike. We ensure that the suggested City, university and nearby areas are safe and don’t have any history of violence.


Internships give the students real time work experience in a foreign country in their particular area of expertise. Many universities have tie-ups with the industry wherein they collaborate to provide the same.

Opportunities for Part Time Jobs

Most of the students look for an opportunity to work part-time while studying. Part time is allowed only on campus in the USA, so we look for campuses which are large enough to have opportunities for on campus jobs. Other Countries offer off-campus jobs, so ideally we focus on locations which have opportunities for it.

Feedback from Existing Students and Alumni

It’s always great to get first hand information about a particular institution. We ensure that we are in touch with existing students who are studying there and give real time feedback to prospective students.


We provide all necessary information about the prevailing weather conditions there and make sure it aligns with the prospects body and health as some students aren’t used to living in extreme cold conditions.