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We assist all students with their travel and relocation for the course to the new country thereby ensuring a worry free transition. Moving to a new country, be it for study or settling, is no trivial task. We understand the stress and pressure that comes along with this. Excitement at times eventually gives way to anxieties as one gets to hear various experiences had in the country. You get to hear true or untrue stories which leads to anxieties about the new land, people, customs and it takes over your senses . We view this as a transitional phase and hence offer a complete and thorough travel and relocation service, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition. Our travel and relocation expertise enable you to literally relax while we handle it all. Leo Global will assist all students in getting the best rates for Air Tickets and foreign exchange. We also helps students with the FOREX cards and travel Insurance which are really useful during the initial stages