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Visa Guidance: Post confirmation of an admission, the student has to apply for Study Visa/ Permit to the respective embassies. We at Leo Global facilitate the same by providing:

  • Guidelines of Financial Requirements: Every Country has their own living and tuition expenses. We at Leo Global ensure that a specific breakdown of this is given to the students and their sponsors. We also verify the documents to ascertain its authenticity and ensure that it adheres to the visa requirements.
  • Assistance in Filling Visa Forms: We assist students in filing the Visa applications as per the country’s procedure. Some of them may have online forms while others have paper based forms.
  • Procedure for Arrangement of Documents: Every country has a separate procedure for visa, while some have online submissions, some may have in person submissions and others have a personal interview. We at Leo Global guide the students through every step to ensure a hassle-free process.

Mock Interview Sessions: As part of visa procedures many embassies conduct via interviews via Phone, Skype or in person. We at LEO Global Overseas decipher the interview process through carefully programmed sessions in which we provide the students with requisite tools and information required. We also conduct mock sessions to enable students to practice their replies and get over nervousness and anxiety.