On Campus

  • Homestays
    A homestay consists of a Canadian family hosting a student in their home while the student’s study course in Canada. Meals and a private, furnished room are provided,while amenities and location vary from home to home. Many schools can arrange for a school representative or homestay family to meet the student at the airport when he/she arrives.
    Average cost of homestay accommodation: $400 – $800 CDN per month.
  • Residence/Dormitory
    Many schools provide accommodation comprising rooms in different sizes and quality and well furnished dormitories with shared kitchens, toilets, showers and laundry facilities including cafeteria and meals, located on or near their campus. Students can choose either of the options according to his/her convenience.
    Average cost of residence/dormitory rooms: $3,000 – $7,500 CDN per school year.


Off Campus

  • Renting
    Renting comes with varied availability and price,usually high in major cities.Students may share accommodation to reduce the cost or rent a suite which comes with a kitchen,toilet, bath and bedroom, within a large house which otherwise would cost too high for a single student to afford.
    Apartments are another option, where one has a kitchen, toilet, bath, and one or two bedrooms. Most of them do not include furniture or meals.
    Average cost of shared accommodations in Canada: $250 – $700 CDN per month.
    Average cost of a suite or apartment: $400 – $1,500 CDN per month.