IELTS Test Security

There are numerous security measures in place to support genuine test takers and protect the interests of the organisations who rely on the integrity of IELTS results

A strict set of protocols is in place to safeguard every aspect of the IELTS test, including:

  • Tight regulations surrounding test papers
  • Biometric test taker registration and verification systems
  • Training of test centre staff to help them identify imposters, detect fraudulent behaviour and prevent cheating
  • Strict test conditions
  • Routine scrutiny of test results before release.

This multi-layered approach to test security also includes a probity process for prospective test centres and strict protocols surrounding test centre operations and audits.

The IELTS partners also work closely with relevant authorities worldwide, including migration and law enforcement agencies, to detect, prevent, and, where appropriate, prosecute any cheating or fraud attempt in accordance with local legislation.