Eligibility & Fees For PTE

Candidates Need To Be At Least 16 Years Before They Can Sit For The Pte. Students Who Are Between 16-17 Years Of Age Need To Produce Certificates Of Parental Consent To Appear In The Exam.

PTE Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants Should Be Minimum 16 Years Of Age
Applicants Below 18 Years Must Submit Proof Of Parental Consent
As Such There Is No Specific Pte Eligibility Criteria. It Is Required As A Proof Of English Proficiency.

PTE Exam Fee:

The Pte Exam Fee Is Currently Rs. 10,255 +18 % Gst

In Case You Are Booking For Your Exam Late, The Price Of Late Booking Is Rs. 12,819 + 18 % Gst