About Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you realise your dreams of studying abroad.

I can give you the stats, and I can tell you the successstories. But instead I’m going to tell you this – Pursuing your studies abroad is not too different from being in India. It is like you would go and study at a university in a different city in India, make new friends and forge your career. The West is a welcoming culture. It is also a culture that rewards talent, hard work, and high integrity. We’re confident you’ll do well if you have these traits.

It is also, of course, slightly different too. Indeed it is more expensive, and being away from home is not for everyone. And that’s exactly why our trusted and experienced advisers sit down with you to discuss your options. We regularly find course options that suit most financial budgets. Our advisers are trained in asking you just the right questions allowing us to assess countries and university options work best for you. We engage with your parents and bring them into the conversation to ensure your best interests are protected.

You will go through a number of steps, and we’ll lay them out for you. As this prospectus will explain, for a typical student it takes between five to eight weeks to arrive in the country of your choice.

I hope this prospectus answers most of your questions. As you read through these pages I also hope your resolve to study abroad, at one of the universities suggested by us, gets stronger. By doing this you’ll become part of a community that is now 1,200 students strong, all of them guided and advised by us.

And finally, I would like you to know that our consultation and advice is offered without any cost to you. We do expect you to have a burning desire to realise your dreams though!

All the best!

Srinivas Lagadapati
Leo Global Overseas

Our Story In Numbers

We started as a small business in Guntur, in 2012 where we assisted about 20 students in the first year of our operations. All that we’ve achieved today including offices in 9 different cities in India and 1 office in London is because of student recommendations as till to this day we follow giving the best service our growth strategy.

Leo Global strives to provide best in class study abroad advice by offering you course and university options that are personalised for you. After the university and the visa are taken care of, we run many sessions for the students where we go through key points such as which documents to take, what type of clothes are needed in a cold country, how to open bank accounts, and much more. By doing this, we hope to ease your nerves and also let you start planning better for your journey. Our job doesn’t quite finish when you depart from India as well.

We continue to hold your hand and guide you through even after you’ve arrived abroad.

Our role is to show you the right path, but you’re the one to walk it. We’re proud about the fact that our students have gone on to do really well in their professional lives. One more thing, our consultation and advice is totally free. But we do expect you to have a burning desire to realise your dreams though!