Our Events

We continually engage with our prospective students in different settings such as University fairs, Parents sessions, Webinars, Campus and sponsorship events.

University Fairs

Our university partners visit our offices in India regularly. They do so to speak and meet with students like you in person. This also provides you with the opportunity to ask questions directly to university staff and even meet with teachers and professors.

Parents Session

We invite parents for numerous sessions throughout the year. If you are on our database and you’ve allowed us to make contact with you over email or phone, you will receive reminders for these events. These sessions allow you and your parents to meet with like minded people who might be considering similar courses and universities as you. We feel this is great way to make friends before you leave India!

Campus Events

Three times a year we plan events in colleges and campuses near our offices.We give presentations and we have an information booth for you to ask us questions in an informal setting. Consider these events as your first step in your journey to study abroad. We welcome 1-2-1 chats or group conversations during these events. And, if you feel you would like an in-depth counselling after this initial chat we set up an appointment for you to visit our office.