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Premium Level Counselling

Get in touch with us to understand your options. We normally first have a call with you and then set up an appointment to meet with you in person. You can decide to visit any one of our offices for this. This face to face counselling usually takes about 2 hours and our objective is that at the end of it you would have received from us your university and course options and perhaps most importantly, a cost estimate that will include tuition fees and accommodation expenses.

Your Application to the Universities of your Choice

We recommend that you apply two different universities to maximise your chances of getting your admission. Universities tend to have different requirements and it is possible that we’ll need to prepare two application packs for you.

Your Offer of Study

Universities take around 10 business days to decide on your application. Sometimes they need more time, or indeed more documents, and if they do we get in touch with you to provide these. An offer of study will include your name, the course details you applied for, the tuition fees for the duration of the course, and will articulate next steps

Confirm Your Offer

When you’re made an offer by the university, the next step usually is to confirm your place by putting down a deposit. This is considered part of your tuition fees, and the remaining fees could be paid later. You might receive more than one offer of study (from different universities), and quite naturally, we expect you to think about this decision long and hard.


In our experience this is a matter of personal choice. Living in an accommodation on the university campus is considered safer, but also tends to be more expensive. A number of fantastic other options, such as students flats and other halls of residence close to the university of your choice is also a possibility.

Apply for Study Visa

After you have paid the deposit and secured your accommodation, we will guide you through the visa process. Needless to say, this is a critical part in your journey and it is important for us to get this absolutely right. We are proud of the fact that our students receive their study visas on time allowing them to plan ahead for their arrival abroad. The visa process varies from one country to another, and even the documents and funding required is vastly different.

Pre Departure Briefing

We run many sessions for groups of students just prior to their planned departure. These briefings are bespoke and personalised, and we welcome parents to join these as well. We go through key points such as which documents to take, what type of clothes are needed in a cold country, how to open bank accounts, and much more. By doing this, we hope to ease your nerves and also let you to start planning better for your journey


Congratulations! You’ve arrived in the country of your dreams. If agreed before, we pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodation. You’re required to visit your university the following day and register. Soon thereafter you receive your students’ ID card, as well as a schedule of classes. Most universities we work with run an Orientation (also called Induction) Week – you get a tour of the campus, you’re encouraged to make new friends, and we suggest you enjoy this new experience to the fullest!